Blake Edwards Biography

Blake Edwards
writer, producer and director
Born on July 26, 1922 in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)

Blake Edwards started out as an actor when he was twenty-three. He worked as a radio scriptwriter and then as a television director, meeting musician Henry Mancini, who was to compose the theme to THE PINK PANTHER years later.

Brought up in Hollywood, Blake Edwards naturally took up a career in the movie industry, directing his first feature film BRING YOUR SMILE ALONG in 1955. “I was raised in a family working in cinema, he explained in 2004. My father was a film production manager and a first assistant director. And my grandfather was probably the greatest director of his time. Obviously I took an interest in that.” Blake Edwards’ grandfather was J. Gordon Edwards, director of silent films in the 1920s.

His next two films, MISTER CORY (1957) and OPERATION PETTICOAT (1959) reached out to a wide audience. His success was confirmed with BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S starring Audrey Hepburn (1961) and DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES (1962) starring Jack Lemmon.

His collaboration with Peter Sellers, the unforgettable Inspector Clouseau in THE PINK PANTHER (1963), brought him international recognition. From 1963 to 1978, Blake Edwards wrote and directed seven feature films with the lumbering French detective. The duo also came out with the crazy film THE PARTY (1968), in which Peter Sellers plays an Indian actor who collects blunders during a party in Hollywood. After Peter Sellers died, Blake Edwards added a new episode to the series, TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER (1982), by using footage from before the actor’s demise.
He experienced a few ups and downs in his career. For instance, his musical DARLING LILI (1970) flopped and his film 10 (1979), with statuesque Bo Derek) unleashed the critics’ sarcastic comments.

In 1982, Blake Edwards enjoyed success anew with VICTOR VICTORIA, a libertine feature film about a female singer who dresses up as a man… who himself tries to pass off as a woman. He was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Script category and was awarded a César for Best Foreign Film. In the film the director stages the English star of MARY POPPINS (1964), Julie Andrews, who had been his wife since 1969. He would say that he had met her in wonderfully Hollywood-style circumstances, i.e. when he was going to see his shrink as she herself was leaving the analyst’s office.

In 2004, Blake Edwards received an Oscar crowning his career as a whole. During the ceremony, as a delirious director, he acted as an old dotard and went through the stage in some electric wheelchair, which ended up crashing into a cardboard setting.
Blake Edwards passed away on December 15, 2010 in Santa Monica (California).

The Pink Panther 2 of Harald Zwart - 2009
Son of the Pink Panther - 1993
Switch - 1991
Skin Deep of 1988
Sunset - 1987
Blind Date - 1986
That's Life! - 1986
A Fine Mess 1984
Micki & Maude - 1983
The Man Who Loved Women - 1983
Curse of the Pink Panther - 1983
Trail of the Pink Panther - 1982
Victor/Victoria - 1981
S.O.B. - 1979
Elle (10) - 1978
The Revenge of the Pink Panther - 1978
The Pink Panther Strikes Again - 1975
The Return of the Pink Panther 1- 974
The Tamarind Seed - 1974
Carey Treatment- 1971
The Wild Rovers - 1971
The party - 1967
Gunn - 1966
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? - 1965
The Great Race - 1964
A Shot in the Dark- 1963
The Pink Panther - 1962
Days of Wine and Roses - 1962
Experiment in Terror - 1961
Breakfast at Tiffany's - 1960
High Time - 1959
Operation Petticoat - 1958
The Perfect Furlough - 1958
Le démon de midi - 1957
Mister Cory - 1956
He laughed last - 1955
Bring Your Smile Along