Full name: Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Singer and Actress
Birthday: November 21st, 1965
Place of Birth: Reykjavik, Iceland
Her son: Sindri born in 1986
Former husband: Thor Eldon

2000 Björk has two nominations for the Awards in January,The nominations are for Best Actress and Best Original Song as I've Seen It

2002 The first Björk concerts for 2003 have been confirmed, the first ones are to be in Europe: Italy, France and Germany.

2004, October, 6 Music explores the music and career of one of music's most intriguing artist, Bjork

Björk acts in "Dancer in the Dark"

"Triumph of the Heart" is her new single of the album Medulla.

2005, February, Release of Triumph of the Hearth, Björk's first release of 2005.

The video to the song is directed by Spike Jonze, a long time collaborator and it is shot on location in Iceland, as was her previous video of "Who Is It".

The most prominent location of the video is a bar in Reykjavík called Sirkus, where we will see a new performance of the Triumph of the Heart by the clientele of the bar. It is a in fact a completely new live section of the song.

2000 Dancer in the Dark
1994 Prt--Porter
1990 Juniper Tree
1992 Rokk Reykjavk