Bill Murray


Bill Murray

Real Name: William Doyle-Murray

Birthday: September 21, 1950

Place of birth: Wilmette, Illinois, US

actor, author, comedian and producer. 

His wife: Margaret

His two children: Homer and Luke

Born in a family of nine children, son of Edward and Lucille Murray. 

Bill worked as a caddie in the golf courses during his free time.

He studied with the Jesuits and later he studied at the faculty of medicine before being obliged to abandon his studies after being arrested for possession of marihuana. 

He later carried out various jobs.

At the beginning of the decade of the 70’s,  he joined the troop of theatrical improvisation of the City of Chicago,  to which his older

brother Brian Doyle-Murray already belonged.

1979 Bill Murray first appearance in movies was in 1979. After a successful performance in Tootsie, he became a star in the movie "Ghost Busters", he received the award of "artist of the year"

Those who know him praise his extraordinary generosity, his talent to improvise and his imagination.  But his strong character in the sets are likewise famous and his perfectionism does not adapt to the demands of the position.  Nevertheless, restless,  Bruce searches constantly to success and he questions himself if he deserves what he has obtained. 

From there the empty period that continues, in 1984, the enormous success of "ghost Busters" and the overwhelming failure of "At the Edge of the Knife", Bruce got depressed and rejected great roles, like that of Jack Nicholson in "The Witches of Eastwick, that of Dustin Hoffman in Rain man and that of Michael Keaton in Batman.