Antoni Gaudi

Antonio Gaudi
Spanish Architect
Date of birth: 1852
Place of birth: Tarragona, Spain.
His mother: Antonia Cornet
His father: Francisco Gaudi

1862 Young Gaudi often suffered from arthritis, and he was often absent from school. He spent much of his time watching nature and buildings.

1864 Gaudi attenthet the Pia School in Reus. It was a catholic school.

1873 He moved to Barcelona in order to begin his architectural education at the University of Barcelona.

1878 Gaudi obtained his bachelor degree from the University of Barcelona. Thas same year, he presented a project at the Paris World Fair.

Some of his most important and representative master pieces are: The Park Gell, the Casa Mila or Pedrera, The Casa Batl and The Sagrada Familia.

1883 He took over the construction of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, and he dedicated every day of his life to the construction of this church, until his death more than 40 years later.

1926 Antoni Gaudi died alone, after being hit by a railcar in Barcelona.