Alejandro Fernandez

Alejandro Fernández
Mexican singer
Birthday: April 24th, 1971
Birth place: Mexico, D.F.
His father: Vicente Fernández, singer.
Surname: El Potrillo

Alejandro grew up in his father's ranch in Guadalajara, surrounded by horses and nature.

He studied architecture in the University of Atemajac

1975 Alejandro performed for the first time on stage with his father Vicente Fernandez in one of his concerts.

His first single "Como quien pierde una Estrella" was in the top ten in Mexico and all over the world, which gave Alejandro international fame.

1999 Alejandro Fernández sang together with Plácido Domingo and Patricia Kaas, music played by the Viena Orchestra, in the christmas album sold all over the world.

2000 With the collaboration of Emilio Estefan, Alejandro recorded "Entre tus Brazos".

2002 Alejandro Fernandez performed succesfully in the National Auditorium of Mexicol.

2003 He performed in the Foro Sol together with his father Vicente Fernandez.

2004 His film Zapata, directed by Alfonso Arau, was a huge succes. Alejandro Fernanez played the role of the mexican hero Emiliano Zapata.

June: the spanish singer Miguel Bose sings the song "Habana" with Alejandro Fernandez.

2004 Zapata, de Alfonso Arau
1991 M querido viejo de Rafael Villaseor Kuri
1979 El Tahr de Rogelio A. Gonzlez Jr.
1977 Arracadas de Alberto Mariscal
1977 Picardia mexicana de Abel Salazar