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 Alberto Iglesias

 He was born in San Sebastian in 1955 and studied piano, guitar, counterpoint and harmony with Blanca Burgaleta and Francisco Escudero in his home city. He furthered his studies in Paris with Francis Schwartz and in Barcelona with Gabriel BrnCic. He has collaborated with Carlos Saura, Bigas Luna, Julio Medem and Iciar Bollain, among others. He has collaborated closely with Pedro since they first worked together on “The Flower of my Secret”, and has been the regular composer for his films. His most notable soundtracks include “The Lovers from the North Pole” (Julio Medem), “All About my Mother” and “Talk to Her” (Pedro Almodóvar). He has received six Goyas for his work in the above mentioned films as well as for his scores for Julio Medem’s films, “The Red Squirrel”, “Tierra” and “Sex and Lucía”. He has recently worked on “The Constant Gardener” (Fernando Mireilles), for which he has been nominated to the best original score at the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards. In addition to his film work, he has composed symphonic and chamber music, and several ballets for the National Dance Company.

Filmography Cinema - TV


2007 Sa majesté Minor

2006 Volver (To Return ) of Pedro Almodóvar

2006 El Almodóvar que nadie conoce(TV)

2006 Alberto Iglesias el músico fiel (TV)

2005 The Constant Gardener

2004 La Mala educación

2003 Te doy mis ojos

2003 Terror in Moscow (TV)

2003 Comandante

2002 Hable con ella

2002 The Dancer Upstairs

2001 Lucía y el sexo



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