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 Agustin Almodovar

 He was born in La Mancha and graduated in Chemical Science from Madrid’s Complutense University. He began participating actively in cinema in 1985 and joined the crew of “Sé infiel y no mires con quien” (Fernando Trueba) at a production trainee. That same year he began his participation in his brother’s films, working as assistant director on “Matador” and in 1986 he and Pedro founded their own production company, El Deseo. Since then, he has been responsible for the production of all of Pedro’s feature films (winning the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film for “All About my Mother”) and has combined this with producing other directors (Alex de la Iglesia, Mónica Laguna, Daniel Calparsoro, Guillermo del Toro, Isabel Coixet, Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso, and Lucrecia Martel). With El Deseo he has also been involved in many co-productions with France.

Filmography actor Cinema - TV


Hable con ella (2002)

Todo sobre mi madre (1999) (All About My Mother)

¡Átame! (1990) (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!)

Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (1988) (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)

La Ley del deseo, (1987) (Law of Desire)

Matador (1986) (Matador) .

¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto!! (1984) (What Have I Done to Deserve This?)

Entre tinieblas (1983)

Laberinto de pasiones (1982) (Labyrinth of Passion)

Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (1980)

Salomé (1978) . 

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